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Carpet Cleaning Hyde Park IL – ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons Chicago


ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Hyde Park’s Leader in Disaster Restoration & Specialty Cleaning, Provides Carpet Cleaning Services for Residents and Businesses in Chicago’s Hyde Park Neighborhood



Take one step into the Hyde Park neighborhood and the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer number of pedestrians on the street. Hyde Park is home to over 17,000 people – that is 17,000 individuals with places to visit and things to do. If you want to surround yourself with culture and learn more about the world, this is the place to be.  Of course, when over 17,000 people live in one place, you’re going to get a lot of foot traffic, which requires Carpet Cleaning in Hyde Park.  Some of these citizens will be walking in and out of your property, and that means dirt and debris tracked into your home or office. Luckily, ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons has you covered.


We offer thorough Carpet Cleaning, including a hot water rinse and extraction, and treatment of stubborn spots with advanced cleaning materials. Whatever your carpet needs, we’re ready to help.  ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is an IICRC Certified Textile Restorer.  Our technicians are trained and experienced in fine fabric care.


At ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, we want to refresh your carpets so that they look almost like new!


When you call on us, ask about our process, like:


  • How we inspect the carpets before we start to determine the best cleaning method
  • Why we pre-treat spots and stains
  • How thoroughly we rinse the carpeting with clean, clear water


Carpet stains don’t take a holiday. We’re ready to step in, and step in quickly with Carpet Cleaning for Hyde Park homes and businesses!

Contact ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons. We also provide carpet cleaning in East Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland, Bronzeville, and the University of Chicago campus.

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