The End of Garage Sale Season: A Perfect Time for Hoarders

While you’re still looking back trying to figure out how summer went by so quickly, autumn and the remainder of the better-weather months are passing by rapidly. For hoarders, this time can be even more stressful because the cold weather is another reason to stay indoors and keep the mess the way it is. It’s important that hoarders step away for a minute to remember that cleaning out their home before the winter hits can mean the difference between a comfortable home and a stressful holiday season. ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons in the South Loop of Chicago reminds hoarders of the importance of hoarding cleanup for the end of the fall season.

Luckily, for hoarders and their stress of hoarding cleanup, there’s still time to get hoarder cleanup taken care of. Some hoarders, to raise money and get rid of some of their items, choose to have a garage sale.

The end of garage sale and yard sale season may be approaching, but it’s not too late to use the rest of the warm weeks to prepare your home for a sale. Getting hoarder cleanup completed before winter can take a huge burden off your shoulders and give you one less thing to worry about. In fact, if you want to have a more successful garage sale with an even wider selection from your hoarding cleanup, encourage your neighbors or friends to partner with you!

Hoarding cleanup is never fun or easy, but the result can be rewarding, which is why ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons is here to help in a sensitive, respectful manner. Hoarders can worry less with our team on their side, as we can help organize their items and prepare others for sale, donation, or removal.

Even if garage sales are not a good option for you, hoarder cleanup this autumn season is a great idea for those looking for a more enjoyable winter and holiday season. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons in the South Loop for more information on hoarder cleanup.

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