The 3 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Chicago Homeowners Make

ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons provides an alternative to risky at-home carpet cleaning methods.

There are a lot of myths about home carpet cleaning methods, including some as bizarre as pouring vodka over stains. Many stand by the generally accepted method of using a steam cleaner, but even this can damage your carpet more than you might imagine. The most dependable and safest way of cleaning your carpet is to call ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons in Chicago.

While there are numerous ways to damage your carpet in an earnest attempt to remove stains, these three carpet cleaning techniques should be avoided:

Excess Water: Carpeting that is excessively wet after a cleaning is a recipe for disaster. Using a home steam cleaner often puts far too much water into your carpets. Although steam cleaners are designed to extract the water they dispense, they often leave behind a large amount of filthy water and dirt. The excess water will erode and rot your carpet fibers and leave a prime environment for mold development and growth.

Harsh Chemicals: Chemicals designed for carpet cleaning that are sold in your local supermarket can contain destructive chemicals that are bad for your health, the environment, and your carpets. Most utilize strong chemicals to remove grease and stains, but they can burn your carpet fibers and remove or bleach out the color. Our carpet cleaning products are made to be gentle on your carpet fibers while effective in removing stains.

Minimal Vacuuming: Many homeowners admit to vacuuming less than once or twice a week, which is entirely understandable (It’s such a hassle! And who has the time?). However, by not vacuuming, you are actually harming your carpet. The damage may be invisible at first, but eventually you will start to see the toll it takes. Ideally you should vacuum every day, which can considerably lengthened the lifespan of your carpeting.

Instead of continuing to adhere to these harmful techniques, call ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons for our expert carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL.

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