Stopping Leaks Stops Mold

Water is so important that we can’t live over three days without it. But in the wrong place at the wrong time, water can cause a lot of damage and stress – like when a pipe is leaking or bursts without warning in our home or business. Suddenly that life-giving liquid can become our worst nightmare, causing damage to our property. Left unchecked, it can lead to mold, mildew and fungus growth that can actually make you sick.

There are two simple steps you can take to protect yourself from potential problems. The first is expressed in three words: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention! That’s how important that first step is. The second step is Quick Action. When you have a leaking pipe, it is not going to heal itself. It will just get worse. Residual moisture from a leak can continue to cause damage in the form of bacteria, mold and fungus growth.

Prevention can save money and save your health. A few simple steps will help keep a small leak from becoming a big disaster. Write these steps down and check them as regularly as you check the batteries in your smoke detector.

  • Clean your house regularly. That doesn’t mean just vacuuming and making the bed. Clean under the sinks by removing all the stuff you keep under there and do a quick inspection. Look for signs of leaks like water stains, warped wood or musty smells.
  • Pull out your appliances that use water and check for leaks.
  • Inspect the hoses on your washer. A burst ¾ inch hose can leak as much as 10 gallons of water in an hour. That can add up fast. Nobody wants to return from running a few errands, or a vacation, to be greeted by water leaking out the front door.
  • Give suspect areas the smell test. Your nose knows! If you smell something unusual or musty, check it out. It may be caused by some unseen drip or leak.

Chances are, one day you will have a pipe leak. That’s when its time to act quickly!

When you see evidence of a leak, shut off the water. The sooner you shut off the water, the less likely you will have long-term problems like mold.

Once the leak is repaired, you still may not be out of the woods. You could be dealing with the “M” word – mold. If you don’t get water cleaned up dried quickly, even small phantom amounts of moisture can cause mold to begin growing within as little as two days. If that happens, call in a professional skilled in mold remediation and removal like ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. Don’t let mold gain a foothold. It not only smells bad, it can make you sick. The longer you wait, the bigger the clean up.

When a faulty pipe leaks water into our homes it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to keep your home dry and safe for years to come.

  • Practice prevention
  • Act quickly when a leak occurs
  • Don’t hesitate to call a plumber
  • Call a cleaning professional to prevent or clean up mold, mildew and fungus after a leak.

Your home is where you and your family live life. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons can help you keep your home a clean and healthy place to live.

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