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Residential and Commercial Fire Restoration in Chicago and Evanston, IL


ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides Fire Restoration in Evanston, IL and Chicago neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and Gold Coast

You never plan to deal with the aftermath of a fire, but when such a disaster strikes, you can be left in shock. One of the most important factors of fire damage restoration is the timeliness of the cleanup process. Since time is of the essence, it is suggested that you use a professional like ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons in Chicago, IL. They are highly skilled at fire restoration and will guarantee your home is properly restored with their thorough and professional process.

Without properly implementing a fire damage restoration plan, you can be looking at even more damage within hours. The acidic residue caused by a fire is phenomenally nasty stuff. Statistics show that after only one hour, appliances can stain from the soot. Within 24 hours the walls can be permanently stained. After a few days the damages can be so extensive that fire damage repair is no longer a option.

Time is of the essence, so it is important to contact professionals immediately. Once on site they can formulate a specific cleanup plan and implement the proper cleaning processes for your home or business. This is imperative; the wrong type of fire damage repair can actually cause further damage. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons is a trusted company that can handle a variety of fire restoration plans for the following locations:

While no one intends on needing fire restoration services, please do not hesitate when you have been affected by the unfortunate event of a fire. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons today for your fire restoration needs in Chicago, IL.