Mold Removal Services in Chicago

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons provides mold removal to Chicago homes and businesses.

You’ve likely heard that mold can cause health problems. Regardless of the type of mold, mold removal is something that needs to be taken seriously. There are different varieties and severities of mold growth, and professionals are the best solution for proper mold removal. When you have mold removal needs in Chicago, IL, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons. We are available 24/7 to help.

Going back to the different types of mold, lets cover some of the dangerous species that you may encounter in areas of your home:

  • Mycotoxic Mold: These spores are highly toxic and are a danger to you and your pets. This is also known as Toxic Black Mold. Professional mold removal is advised for this type of mold. It’s more of a concern to remove it completely from the indoor environment and not just kill the mold.
  • Pathogenic Mold: This type will compromise your immune system and put you at a higher risk for infections. Yeast is considered pathogenic mold. This mold should also be left to professionals to ensure the contamination is properly resolved.
  • Allergenic Mold Spores: Generate allergy symptoms. Some common forms are Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Penicillium, and you have likely come in contact with them at some point. These molds can affect people differently.

While the different types of mold can be confusing and tough to diagnose, it is important to understand that mold removal should be left to professionals because they are properly trained in mold remediation. If you need mold removal in Chicago, IL or have concerns you home or business may have a mold problem, please call ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons today.

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