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Learn These Fire Characteristics to Help Prevent Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago’s Bucktown Neighborhood


    In as little as 30 seconds, a small flame can get completely out of control in your Bucktown, IL office, hotel, retail space, or other commercial building. According to the National Fire Protection Association’s Education Division, in addition to being incredibly fast and hot, fire also produces intense darkness as well as smoke and toxic gases that can be fatal to humans and animals.

    If a tiny flame has gotten out of control and caused fire damage in your commercial facility, you can turn to ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons for high-quality and all-encompassing fire damage restoration after the fire department has done its job. Our emergency fire restoration services are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

    Fortunately, fire damage and fire fatalities can be reduced by teaching the basic facts about fire:

    FIRE IS FAST. If you see fire, feel heat, smell smoke, or hear the fire alarm go off in your Bucktown, IL clinic, hotel, school, office, or commercial building, drop what you’re doing and follow the company’s exit plan. Please do not stop and take time to save what you’re working on at your computer or grab the personal belongings you have stored in your cubicle or office.

     FIRE IS HOT. If a fire erupts in your workplace, keep in mind that heat is more threatening than flames. Room temperatures in a fire can be 100 degrees at floor level and rise to 600 degrees at eye level. If the fire in your workplace has reached this severity, drop to your knees and crawl to the nearest exit or predesignated safe meeting area. Moving quickly is essential! In five minutes, a room can get so hot that everything in it ignites at once. This is called flashover.

     FIRE IS DARK. A fire at your workplace will start bright, but then quickly produce black smoke and complete darkness. These conditions may blind or disorient you quickly. This is why regular fire safety drills for your company and co-workers are so important.

     FIRE IS DEADLY. Smoke and toxic gases kill more people than flames do. Fire uses up the oxygen you need and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill.

    While the above fire facts are very sobering, it’s good to know that proper preparation and fire drills can save lives and property.

    If you find yourself in need of fast and dependable fire damage restoration in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, call ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons immediately at 773-376-1110. We’re a highly reputable and expertly trained fire damage restoration company and we will work tirelessly to return your property to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.


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