How to Choose the Right Carpet Underlayment

Every type of flooring has an underlayment specific to the material of the floor. Carpets, especially wall-to-wall carpets, need padding to protect the base floor from what happens above the carpet. Carpet padding also keeps the carpet from moving and buckling and makes for a more comfortable floor to walk and play on. At ServiceMaster Retoration by Simons, we’ve seen all kinds of carpet padding that was damaging to the carpet and made cleaning more difficult. Choosing the best carpet padding can make carpet cleaning more effective and prolong your carpet’s life.

Choosing an underlying carpet pad can be difficult – there are tons of choices out there! These are some of the best basic options you can choose from:

Rebond Pad: This multicolored padding is commonly paired with residential carpets because it fits well with a wide range of carpet types. Rebond is made from recycled materials so it’s offered in a variety of thicknesses and densities. Generally with rebond, what you pay for is what you get. The higher the price, the higher the quality of recycled materials. Remember the grade of your padding should always match the grade of your carpet.

Foam (urethane) Padding: This padding is inexpensive and lightweight and sometimes comes free with your carpet purchase. Regular foam pads don’t last longer than 3 years, but you can get prime urethane foam for a longer pad life. Prime foam is slightly more durable than regular foam, but costs more than rebond.

Wool or Synthetic Fiber Pads: Though typically used in commercial settings, wool or synthetic pads breathe well and have low absorbency. These dense pads can keep carpets from stretching and wrinkling in high-traffic areas. Synthetic pads have anti-microbial properties and work well in basements.

Specialty Pads: These pads often boast abilities to eliminate stains and odors with a moisture barrier. Beware relying on these pads to solve pet problems for your carpet. It can actually damage your carpet more, because the urine or feces will sink into your carpet fibers instead of the padding. Specialty pads are often much more expensive than other, more reliable pads.

When replacing your carpet padding, always consider which type will fit best with your carpets, always match the grading, and don’t assume thick padding is the best choice. For your carpet cleaning needs in Chicago, IL, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons.

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