Common Types of Carpet Stains Found in Chicago Homes

Common Carpet StainsCarpets go through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. It’s inevitable that yours will be stained by something sooner or later. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal solution to removing carpet stains. There are different categories of stains that require different cleaning methods. Our teams at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons are trained to tackle all kinds of carpet stain removal in Chicago homes.

It’s helpful for you to know the kinds of carpet stains so you can remove them at home in a flash. For more extensive or built up stains, however, it would be best to call a professional carpet cleaning service.

Sticky: These are usually the easiest stains to clean out because sticky often means sugar, which is water soluble. A mild detergent solution will loosen the particles from your carpet fibers and you can then rinse the stain out. The exceptions to this would be wines or dark juices, which can dye your carpet and may need more soaking time to remove.

Greasy: Greasy or oily stains are more difficult to remove, but often won’t stain your carpet like wine or Kool-Aid. The trick is to use a cleaning solution that will loosen grease particles from the carpet fibers. You can use white vinegar to blot the stain gradually out of the carpet. Never wipe or scrub a grease stain since it will grind the particles deeper into your carpet.

Crusty: A good example of a crusty stain is the residue from winter road salt. If left for too long, these kinds of stains can bleach your carpet fibers, and the high alkalinity will break down your carpet’s integrity. First vacuum the affected area thoroughly, and then you can rinse out the crusty stains with a vinegar and water solution.

Plastic-y: Things like nail polish and acrylic paint can be extremely difficult to clean out of a carpet because they aren’t water or soap soluble. However, applying cold water, then hair spray, then rubbing alcohol on the area will loosen the particles of plastic-y stains, and you can dab and rinse the stain out.

Burns: Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about burns left by harsh chemical solutions like bleach or alcohol. Keep substances that have a high alkalinity or acidity away from your carpets. If they come into contact, they will likely discolor and break down the carpet fibers.

Our teams are trained to remove all of these kinds of stains and more. Contact ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons today for professional carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL.

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