5 Things your Floor Wants You to Do Today: Hard Surface Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

Think about what your floor goes through on a daily basis: dust, dirt, shoes, dog slobber, and trash bags dragged all over it, not to mention scuffing and stains… you probably couldn’t be paid enough to take that job. And yet, your floor is there for you every day.

When debris is left on your floor for too long, not only is it gross to walk on, but it can also wear away the surface of the flooring. Your floor goes through a lot, and it could use a little extra TLC.

ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons has been providing hard surface floor cleaning services in Chicago, IL for decades. Here are some tips learned from years of cleaning expertise on how to help your floor remain beautiful:

Use Walk-Off Mats

High traffic areas are particularly troublesome to your floors. When soil and other debris are continuously tracked inside and left unattended, it can cause major eroding to the surface of your floor. This kind of damage is expensive to repair, so you want to avoid it at all costs.

Prevent damage to your floors by using walk-off mats in high traffic areas. This will limit the ability for outside debris to be tracked indoors.

Choose a length that is appropriate for your home or business, but consider that a five foot walk-off mat will reduce the debris coming in by 33%, whereas a twenty-five foot walk-off mat will cut the debris amount in half.

Remove Dry Debris

You can reduce the amount of debris that is tracked into your home or business by following a daily cleaning routine. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and using microfiber cloths are the most efficient ways to remove dry debris and prevent it from eroding your hard surface flooring.

When you do this daily, you limit the possibility that foot traffic will drag any dry debris off your walk-off mats and onto your floors.

Wet Clean

Having a regular wet cleaning routine is just as important as removing dry debris. Make sure that you use cleaning products designed specifically for the type of flooring you are cleaning.

If you aren’t sure what to use, consult with a cleaning professional to ensure you don’t damage your floor.

Mops and microfiber cloth systems will do the trick well, just make sure that you also allow the floor to dry properly to prevent slips and falls when people walk on the floor. Use damp cleaning systems minimally on wood floors, as improper use could warp or damage the integrity of the wood.

Spot Cleaning

Remove and treat spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining or other floor damage. Use an appropriate cleaning solution, bucket, and wringer to clean up spills. Dry the floor thoroughly or visibly mark the wet area with a sign or cone, so that people won’t slip and fall if they walk on the area you’ve just cleaned.

Periodic and Restorative Maintenance

Natural stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient, and specialty are the six main categories of hard surface flooring materials. Each of these materials requires unique and specialized care.

Unless you are a certified hard surface cleaning technician, it can be difficult to know what kinds of cleaning products, equipment, and tools are best suited to your floor.

Avoid mistakes in how you deep clean your hard surface flooring by hiring professional floor maintenance technicians. They have the knowledge and skills to perform daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly deep cleanings. They also know how to restore damaged flooring to maintain its appearance and extend the life of your floor.

It’s time to protect and maintain your hard surface floor properly. From disaster restoration to other cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons today to work with our technicians and create a customized cleaning program for your Chicago home or business needs.



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