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Six Classes Of Fire Damage – ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons – Chicago Master Fire & Smoke Restorer


If your commercial or residential property has sustained Fire & Smoke Damage, it is important for you to understand the Six Classes associated with it.

Knowing these important facts will help you understand the approach that ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons will take in the Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration & Cleaning process to your property.

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is an IICRC Certified Fire & Smoke Restorer and a member of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA)


  • Class “A” – This is usually the result of a fire that has burned products including plastic, paper, rubber, cloth, and wood.


  • Class “B” – This usually includes the combustion of flammable liquids and solids that can be liquefied.  These products include gasoline and petroleum products, waxes and plastics.


  • Class “C” – This includes the combustion of flammable gases including, but not limited to hydrogen, propane, natural gas, high concentration oxygen, and butane.


  • Class “D” – This includes the combustion of flammable metals including but not limited to Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.


  • Class “E” – This involves both classes “A & B.” Class “E” indicates the inclusion of electrical elements that alter the way these types of fires are extinguished by firefighters.


  • Class “F” – This involves organic matter like cooking oils, fats, and distilled products.  These fires burn significantly hotter and the soot damage can be quite severe.


Six Classes Of Fire & Smoke Damage - ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons - Chicago


If your property has been affected by Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Soot Damage or a Water Damage as a result of a fire, immediately contact ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons and let us begin the Fire Damage Restoration & Cleaning of your property right away.  We will come out to your property, assess the damage, discuss the plan of action and help you with your insurance claim.  We’re Chicago’s trusted name for commercial and residential service.


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