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Northfield, IL Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Northfield IL - Servicemaster Cleaning By Simons

    Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning Northfield IL – ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons – Commercial & Residential Specialty Cleaning – North Shore


    ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons, the North Shore’s Trusted Leader in Professional Cleaning Services, Provides Commercial and Residential Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning In Northfield, IL




    Searching For A Professional Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning in Northfield IL?  Search No More!


    Are the furnishings in your Northfield IL home or business looking a little drab? How about your carpet? Are there any visible stains or obvious wear in the high-trafficked areas of your home or office? Many people don’t realize that by the time you see obvious dust and dirt on your Carpet-Upholstery, the damage is already ground in pretty well and it can be difficult to remove. ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons is here to tell you that the following environmental factors will collect on your carpet and upholstery daily:


    • Dust
    • Dust mites
    • Hair
    • Smoke
    • Skin cells
    • Pet dander
    • Oils from skin and cooking


    Over time, these factors, in addition to general wear and tear on your furnishings, will start to take their toll. Regularly scheduled carpet-upholstery cleaning in Northfield IL will extend the life of both your carpet and upholstery. Our deep cleaning will remove stains and odors, not just mask them.


    We have time-tested and proper deep-steaming cleaning methods that will lighten and brighten the look of your home or office in hours instead of days. With our services, you won’t be left with soggy rugs or dripping drapes. Our extraction of the dirt and grime is done quickly and you’ll be able to resume day-to-day operations right away. Our trained technicians are highly skilled with textiles and know how to treat every surface, from carpeting, sofas, and chairs to fine area rugs.


    Protect your investment and breathe easier. Our cleaning process removes not only common environmental factors but also deep-down dirt and dust that can contribute to breathing problems for the elderly or very young. We’ll remove microbes and bacteria that are often brought in on shoes or by pets. Let ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons bring new life to your carpet-upholstery in Northfield IL.


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