Residential Cleaning

11 Ways You DO NOT Want to Use Vinegar When Cleaning Your Chicago Home

Put…the vinegar…down. Slowly. And keep your hands where we can see them. We’ve all heard it before…vinegar is an inexpensive, all-natural, “miracle” cleaner. It’s like the duct tape of cleaning supplies! People are always claiming newly discovered ways to use it. Yes, vinegar is good for SOME things. It can lift stains, clean your windows,


Enjoy the Last Weeks of Summer More with Professional House Cleaning!

If thoroughly cleaning your Gold Coast or Lincoln Park house, condo or apartment from top to bottom is still on your summer to-do list, perhaps it’s time to enlist the aid of  the residential cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning by Simons. After all, wouldn’t it be more fun to enjoy the last vestiges of the […]

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