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Hoarder Cleanup Highland Park Illinois - ServiceMaster By Simons - Specialty Cleaning Services North Shore

ServiceMaster By Simons, the North Shore's leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, provides emergency Hoarder Cleanup services to homes, apartments and senior facilities in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois

Do you have a loved one who suffers from compulsive hoarding?

What may have started out as a home with too many collected items can spiral into a unhappy living environment that’s not suitable for your loved one’s health and personal safety.

It can be difficult to determine the severity of the situation and whether or not it’s time to seek help from a professional for your loved one’s Highland Park home. Here are the different levels of hoarding:

  • Level One – Simply cluttered and a bit unclean.
  • Level Two – Clutter has increased to the point of blocking entryways. There might also be lingering odors due to unclean surfaces around the home.
  • Level Three – This phase involves a serious amount of clutter. At this point there may be entire rooms that are uninhabitable, the home may become infested, and odors around the home have gone from noticeable to unbearable.
  • Level Four – This phase requires serious intervention from a professional team. In this phase, rodents and insects can be seen freely roaming the home and the smell becomes so awful that it’s difficult to breathe inside the home.
  • Level Five – This phase describes a home that’s simply not suitable to live in whatsoever. The home is completely infested and most items in the home no longer work. This phase requires immediate attention.

Restoring a home with hoarded items can be daunting, tiresome, and extremely stressful. Maybe you’ve attempted hoarder cleanup on your own to no avail. People who suffer from hoarding create strong psychological attachments to their items and trying to remove them from the home can cause extreme anxiety for them.

When you’re out of options and feel there’s no solution, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster By Simons and let us lend a helping hand. We’ve dealt with many families in the Highland Park area to provide hoarder cleanup services in both a professional and caring way. Our hoarder cleanup services include:

  • Removing all “tagged” items
  • Facilitating the hauling of appliances, furniture, and other heavy items
  • Performing a thorough top-down cleaning of your residence, including all bathrooms and kitchens
  • Making arrangements to have appliances, furniture, and other items donated to your favorite charity or thrift shop.
  • Providing repair and reconstruction services on request
  • Providing painting services for your entire home upon request

Don’t continue to suffer through an extreme clutter situation. If you have a loved one in Highland Park, IL who needs Hoarder Cleanup services, please contact us at 847-316-9145 for a free consultation and quote.

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