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Hoarder & Clutter Cleanup Portage Park Chicago, Illinois - ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons - Professional Cleaning - Disaster Restoration Chicago

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Chicago's leader in professional cleaning and disaster restoration services, provides Professional Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning Services to homes, apartments and senior facilities in Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood

Portage Park is a beautiful, mostly residential area located on Chicago’s northwest side. Bordered by the park that bears its name, Portage Park is also home to many beautiful turn of the century churches with towering spires viewable from many vantage points. Midwestern style craftsman bungalows are commonplace here, and there is a rich heritage of Polish immigrants living in the area, some for many generations.

As some of these aging populations have predominated the residential areas of Portage Park, there has been an increasing need for hoarder and clutter clean up. Hoarding is a hard-to-understand condition is closely associated with obsessive compulsive disorder, and can be an embarrassment for many families who have loved ones who just can’t seem to throw anything away. ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons can help with any type of clean up from light to heavy clutter to the more serious stages of hoarding. How can you tell if it’s just messy clutter or a more serious hoarding habit?


All homes have clutter to some extent, and it’s normal to have pockets in the home of things that you don’t really need. When your whole house is filled with things you are not sure of where to put, you have a clutter problem. In a cluttered house you can still tell what room is what. While it may be untidy, it still functions as a home people can live in without health and safety concerns.


In 2013, hoarding was classified as a mental illness. In a hoarder situation, rooms in the home cannot be used for their intended purpose. There may be sanitation and safety issues, broken appliances, and structural damage to parts of the house. People who hoard have an inability to throw away things with little or no value, believing they might “need” them again at some point.

If you have concerns that you or a loved one may need help with clutter or hoarding clean up, call ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons at 773-376-1110. Our understanding and compassionate technicians will help you determine what services your home requires, and we’ll provide help for you in your Portage Park home as quickly as possible to get you back to living a more organized life.

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