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ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons - Post Construction Cleanup

These guys are wonderful! We were working under a short time-frame and tight budget to do post-construction cleanup at our retail store in Evanston, and these guys made it happen! They went out of their way to make it work within our price range and our schedule--even putting together a special crew on Saturday to do the job.

They were super quick to come over and give us a quote, responsive to all communications and patient with us when we had to switch the time due to delays on our end.

The crew was great. On time, efficient, friendly & trustworthy. They did an amazing job - transforming the space from a dust-covered mess into a beautiful, sparkling showroom.

I am a huge fan and will definitely be calling them again.

Sara R.

Winnetka, Illinois

ServiceMaster - Lincoln Park Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

Thank you, ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons. This franchise was referred to us by a friend and customer of theirs. They were able to dry our home without tearing apart our walls! Will use again.


Hillary P.

Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Gold Coast, Chicago, Illinois

I highly recommend this company. My work takes me abroad for extended periods of time. My BFF called me long distance one day to tell me that the neighbors in the flat above had a major break in a water pipe, which, as gravity would have it, all came down in my apartment. Most of all the items in my living and dining room were thoroughly soaked, including my photography, valuable art pieces, oriental rugs, furniture, as well as my newly installed oak floors. A couple of company's were contacted and messages were left with the answering services.
My insurance recommended ServiceMaster By Simons. I contacted them and a person picked up the phone on the first ring. That person was Sam Simon. I was half a world away, at least three time zones. I had my work to get back to and panicking had no place in my day. He listened to me, gathered information and then he did exactly what I needed most....he eased my mind. He assured me that everything would be okay, he assured me that he would do everything in his power to save my photography and my artwork. He assured me that when I returned home, it would be exactly as I'd left it. Assurances. He kept his promise.
I got to know Sam a bit from our conversations on the phone. Intriguing that prior to ServiceMaster By Simons he'd had a long career as a television producer. Even more intriguing that before that, he was a Social Worker in Illinois. Intriguing and completely understandable. He managed the groups of people working on my home like a film or television producer would and he cared for my welfare like a social worker would. Some hybrid Sam is.
Fast forward a few weeks and I returned home. My floors were intact. They didn't need to be replaced because ServiceMaster By Simons saved them using their special drying machines. My furniture was all dry and clean. Sam and his crews put all my walls and ceilings back up and freshly painted them. The only thing missing was my photography and art pieces, but that was because the restoration process was not yet completed.
I'm very happy with Sam and his guys (by the way, Sam's crews are the nicest gentlemen you'll want in your home.) I am grateful to you. I'll be leaving again for work soon, but I will add an update when I receive the rest of my art and photography.

Thanks a whole bunch!!
Fiona D.

Gold Coast, Chicago, Illinois 60610

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Portage Park, Chicago, Illinois

My service needs were not really disaster related but
Sam and his guys really came thru in my time of need.
They totally exceeded my expectations!
I recently opened an art gallery here in Chicago.
We hired painters to come in and spray the gallery walls white
two days prior to us setting up our first art show, when I arrived to the gallery the following morning there was paint dust and drips everywhere...UGGHH not what we wanted to see!We called several people who did not seem to want to help us with our dilema then we finally found Sam (THANK YOU JESUS!!) he came right out to look things over and he called his team. They were here shortly thereafter and got to work. They brought in the HEAVY EQUIPMENT... They had a floor scrubbing macine
that looked like a Zamboni, huge air movers to dry the floor and within two hours
the floors were clean and shiney and dry!! As I was settling up the bill with Sam,
I was told by my assistant that the movers we had scheduled to deliver art to the
gallery were not going to make it... as my PANIC was about to start, Sam said I have a referral for a great moving company for you... They also saved my day!!

I cannot express in words how throughly happy I am with Sam, his crew.
ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons Saved Me Twice In One Day!!

If you are looking for professional, hardworking people who care, hire this company!

Ronnie M.

Chicago, Illinois 60622

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

Had water damage from a big storm and called a few different companies to assess the damage as soon as possible. Sam at ServiceMaster answered right away and said he would be over within the half hour. He arrived early, assessed the extent of the damage in multiple rooms, and advised his team to bring a specific number of fans and dehumidifiers for each area that was wet. The team installed the equipment about an hour later, and checked back twice over the course of four days to ensure the dampness was being eliminated. Ultimately, ServiceMaster's prompt attention to the problem saved us the expense and hassle of opening up walls and ceilings.

I highly recommend this company and its team. The service is top-notch, and the pricing is very reasonable.

Andrew F.

Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

I have a home in Lincoln Park, which I get to about four times a year, so when a fire happened next door to me, the smoke damage to my home was not addressed in a timely fashion. When my neighbor visited my home to check up, she realized that everything smelled like smoke. She called ServiceMaster Simons after my insurance recommended them. By the time I arrived in Chicago about a week later, there was no smell, no soot, nothing. I began to question as to whether there was any damage to begin with. My neighbor, and ServiceMaster Simons definitely confirmed the damage and as a testament to ServiceMaster Simons thoroughness, they provided photos of before and after. They handled everything A-Z. I'm very happy with them.

Patrick B.

Lincoln Park, Illinois 60614

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning | Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois

There are many "ServiceMaster" franchises to choose from in Chicago. I've tried a couple based on availability for carpet and furniture cleaning (usually on an annual basis). Today was the third time I hired the "By Simons" group. The techs are friendly and honest. For example, they will tell you whether they can get a stain out or not. There is no hidden charge for "extra cleaning". They work quickly and realize that it's your time too.

Jack D.

Wicker Park, Illinois 60642

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Chicago, Illinois

I was devastated after my kitchen fire. Everything in my place was ruined. I thought I was going to have to buy all new stuff. Then my insurance agent recommended ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons. That was the absolute best thing he could have done. Sam showed up with his team within two hours of my call. They did such a great job cleaning my home, there was no sign of there ever being a fire. Thanks so much Sam! He and his team are just awesome!

Suzanne H.

Chicago, Illinois 60610

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Chicago, Illinois

This is the place to go!! Sam was great. Sometimes I worry whether or not I'm getting the best deal, but in this case I was completely satisfied. The people that came to clean up my flooded basement were hard working and did a thorough job. Not a trace of the mess was left. If you are in desperate need as I was, I would recommend ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons.


Chicago, Illinois 60625

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Evanston, Illinois

Great franchise. Called ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for a basement flood and burst pipe during the extreme weather this winter. They were wonderful. They talked me through the immediate emergency on the phone, came right over to assess the situation in the middle of the night. Explained what they would do to stabilize and clean up,did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it, and they were available to answer any questions I had. Things were packed carefully to move out and moved back in with no problems. Great relief to have had their assistance during this extremely stressful time.

Colleen K.

Evanston, Illinois 60201

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration | Chicago, Illinois

I can't recommend ServiceMaster Restoration By Simonshighly enough! I awoke one morning to find water pouring in through my kitchen ceiling and immediately called my insurance company, who gave me the contact info for another group to call (it was around 6am on Sunday by the way). Although I was able to get ahold of this other company, they refused to come out until the leaking had stopped, which really did me no good. In a panic, I turned to google and called and left a message for this ServiceMaster franchise based on the two positive yelp reviews I saw. Sam, the owner, called me back within about a minute and told me not to worry and that he'd be at my place with his team within two hours.... And he was. Wow! This sort of destructive event in your home can be pretty traumatic and make you feel a bit helpless... Sam has an awesome bedside manner and I could tell from the start that he was a very genuine, good person to work with. He really helped talk me down from freaking out and assured me not to worry and that everything was going to be ok. I believed him and was let down gently. It turns out he took over this franchise from his parents following a career traveling the world filming rock bands (it was time to settle down I guess). Pretty interesting background and not what I expected! You can tell he grew up around the business though, as he definitely knows his stuff and has all the proper certifications for this type of work. So I gave Sam my key and let him do his thing. Not only did he figure out what was causing the leak (a plumbing issue) and get it stopped ASAP, he finished the repairs much sooner than I expected and did a fantastic job at that! His follow-up and communications were great during the process... Always updating me on the repair progress and texting me pics. He was also extremely fair with me when it came to pricing and was quick to suggest where he thought I might be able to save some money on the repairs, even if it meant not using him for some of them. He also went to bat for me directly with my insurance company when they were being difficult about payment and got the job down on that front as well. When it comes to this type of emergency water damage restoration work, you really need someone who is responsive, trustworthy, competent, and emotionally aware. Sam is all these things and more! My only regret is that I didn't write this review sooner... I had meant to write it several months ago after the event had occurred, but got caught up in other things and spaced on it. Oh well... I hope if you're reading this now it helps you out in knowing this is a great company to call!

S. Fuchs

Chicago, Illinois 60647

Water Damage | Wilmette, IL.

I'd like to thank Sam and his team for coming to our home immediately after I called. The storms of April 18 took us by surprise and before you knew it, our basement was in four feet of water. Sam and his teams were swift and thorough with the water damage restoration. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons uses the estimating software that State Farm uses, so State Farm recommended them, which put us at ease. They dried our basement out, saved most of our belongings and replaced the drywall, paint and carpet.
Louie K.

Wilmette, Illinois

Water Damage | Morton Grove, IL

To ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons,
Thank you for helping us in our time of need. We'd already suffered a flood damage in April, only to be flooded again in June. You did a fine job. Quick and efficient. Reasonable pricing. I will use you again.
Chris M.

MortonGrove, Illinois

Water Damage | Logan Square, Chicago, IL

Thank you ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons for coming out on a Saturday morning. We had a water supply line break. They dried my home out before the wood floors buckled. They were referred to me by insurance. I will use again.

Molly Brett

Logan Square, Chicago, IL 60647

Mold Remediation | Park Ridge, IL

Sam at ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons helped locate mold in our home. We can breath easier now. Thanks Sam.

Patty K.

Park Ridge, IL

Smoke Damage Restoration | Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons help rid my 19th century walk-up of the terrible smoke and soot damage we suffered when the walk-up next door caught fire. Sam and his crew are the true masters of making "like it never happened!" Kudos to you and your crew.

P.S. ServiceMaster Restoration by Simons returned my great-grandmothers rugs cleaner then they have ever been.

Toni Pettit

Lincoln Park Chicago 60614

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